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Quarterback, the Backbone of a Team’s Offense and Defense in NFL

Most of the players who aspire to play for his favorite club in NFL start taking the preparations right from the junior high school, so that he gets the ample time to prepare himself up for the game. According to the techniques of the individuals and their abilities, the potential players right from the very beginning determines which particular position they want to play. And of all, undoubtedly the toughest position is the quarter back. Whenever the scouts or the coaches examine the potential of a quarterback to play the NFL, they go through physical, mental and multiple personality traits that generally affect the performance of the quarterback on the field.

Even players like Duval Love Henderson, who generally played as an attacker always kept himself at a distance from the quarterbacks who had the following traits in them. To him, such quarterbacks are the biggest threats, and impenetrable. Let’s find out what are these threats that one ideally looks for.

  • Velocity is the greatest thing that is required to throw a football that weighs good enough and it actually allows the quarterback to complete the pass, even before a single defender gets the chance to recover. The more the arm strength the quarterback possesses, the abler is he to throw the ball at greater speed.
  • Well, the next thing that he must possess is competitiveness and it is a quality that cannot be measured by some parameters, rather it is made up of certain subjective and merely intangible qualities. A quarterback must have the desire to be the leader of the entire offensive half, and ideally the complete leader of the team. It’s his accurate throws that will determine that whether the receiver gets the ball in the clean zones and finds enough space to move ahead piercing the opponent’s defense. It’s his on field strategies that will help the offense of the team grow as a complete effort. So it is definitely the quarterback who practices like none on the field.
  • To make things easier for the players, most of the NFL teams have got a playbook where at least 50 different running plays and 200 passing plays are mentioned. A quarterback needs to know all of them by heart. He’s the mastermind of the entire game, not only he needs to build up the strategies for his own, an able and skilled quarterback also finds out the strategies that the opponent makes, and informs the offensive linemen of the blocking schemes that are being used against them.

Mobility, clear vision, height, weight are some of the factors that all the players in the NFL need to have and should maintain the balance. In multiple interviews, renowned players like Duval Love NFL have always been found to speak of the importance of the quarterback in a team. NFL is more about a mind game that is being played. It’s a game of chess that is being continuously played, with strategies and counter strategies to defeat the opponent team. And the quarterback plays the key role in assessing them and assigning them to the entire team on field.